Coming Home: Day 24 – all open-mouthed hunger

In my dream, I am both intensely hungry and eruptive, bursting out of my very skin. I can’t remember much of it at all, just the feeling, just the sense that I am consuming everything and releasing, pushing out, emerging.

In this month, this year so far, I have met the layers and depths and nuances of my hunger — and it scares the shit out of me. We’re not supposed to admit that we’re as hungry as we are: for food, yes, and for desire, for success, adventure, family, love, creative expression, sex, sensation, books, words, color, sound, texture, travel, people, bodies, skin, poetry, flame, performance, space, freedom — it’s all open-mouthed hunger here, which is not necessarily a safe/protected space from which to meet the world. Yet, here’s this May-me, walking with my tongue hanging out, wanting to lick everything.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
I’ve missed my morning come-then-blog practice, so I’m trying it again today: flew out of bed to the computer, then am going to shower before I take Sophie out. I want to be with you in the morning.

The orgasm comes a little harder today, hard in all the ways, because my body/psyche doesn’t want any fantasy between me and the sensation, just wants to come to exactly that experience, no distractions. I don’t yet have words for what’s scary about that — just know that I have to stop a lot, overwhelmed, panting, reassuring the self inside that’s scared of just being here. Then I start talking to myself/the maybeness that’s moving against me: don’t stop, that’s it, god yes, just there. I practice. Then two of my favorite songs in a row come on the pandora station, and so I am not distracted even by new music. It’s this line playing while I come: happiness hit her like a bullet in the back. Yes. It’s like that sometimes, isn’t it?

Speaking of hunger — that song contains this line as well: And I never wanted anything from you — except everything, and what was left after that, too.


(speaking of dog days — now the puppy needs to go out)
~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

It’s not at all surprising to me that I have gotten sick just now: two days in a row, I have made powerful connections with women who are inviting me to own my hunger around profession & avocation (this in addition to the hungers I’m meeting and owning here, through this blogging, through my morning/daily masturbation practice) — and I left each those meetings feeling like a cloud of angry bees was swarming just under my skin, having awakened the censors/editors/sef-protective armoring that wants me to leave well enough alone, to be satisfied with my life being pretty good. Pretty good is damn good when you’re coming from torture and rape, right? Do you really need to go for more than that? Why invite loss, disappointment, failure, embarrassment?

Midwestern girls, don’t we learn to be satiated? Be quiet? Don’t we learn that we’re meant to take whatever comes to us with a goddamn smile on our faces, and not ask for seconds?

In the dive deep group (the manuscript/special projects group that I run through writing ourselves whole), we talk about how hungry we are for our own goddamn words, and then we live with the shame of that — we, women, we’re not supposed to want so much. Even we evolved feminist/post-feminist/post-modern women, we women who take everything in our hands like salt, we are still so indoctrinated — we have not escaped that training to be good girls: and good girls are not hungry.

What will happen if we are hungry? What’s the message? That we’ll be disappointed? That we’ll be sluts, and thereby outside of polite society? That we’ll deserve whatever we get? She said she was hungry, officer — so, you know, I just thought that was an open invitation.

What if we get to be both ravenous and in control, in choice, deciding entirely what comes into our mouths?
~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
This is not the blog of a good girl — but releasing that good girl is hard damn work. So I eroticize her. I let her live in bottom space, I let her climb into my fantasy life. She can to excel there; it doesn’t serve my whole self if she’s allowed to excel at being in charge of my life.

That good girl makes a good bottom: she likes to do what you tell her to, wants to be the very best one at following the rules, and she really likes to know that you think she’s doing well. It makes her just want to serve you more.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
Use everything — that’s what all the writing books say, and that’s what we are learning/reminding ourselves through this daily orgasm practice (and I don’t mean the royal we there, I mean all the women I know who are engaged in an orgasm-a-day during this National Masturbation Month): even the trauma memory, even the ‘bad’ fantasies, even the loss, even the numbness and dissociation: it can all be a part of self-care, it can all be retrained to serve this now-self, it can all be acceptable until I decide to release, until I’m ready to let go.

Off into the world now, mouth open. Holding this hunger in the palms of my hands. I get to feed it to you; I get to be fed. How’s that for radical self care, transformative healing?

Be so good to your hungry self today. Come exactly as you are. See you tomorrow.

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