Coming Home: Day 23 — dissociating (to) orgasm

Today I have the sick that was percolating in me yesterday — and somehow, in spite of the fact that I felt physically worse when I woke up today than I did yesterday, I felt like coming this morning. I dedicated my orgasm to wellness — let’s hope it takes.

(I got that idea of dedicating orgasms from our hero Annie Sprinkle, who does all number of fabulousness around orgasms and wellness and world health.) 

Anyway, right now it’s later, I’ve got my tissues, my stuffy nose, my tea and saltines, and am still going to blog about orgasms. Let’s hear it for the glamorously sexy life of a sex blogger.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
This morning, as I settled in under the water, I was thinking about dissociation and masturbation (how’s that for meta?) — the truth is, I don’t always fantasize about sex when I’m masturbating; in fact, when I first get started, I think about almost anything but sex: plans for the day, how sweet it was to play w Sophie out in the park, what I new to add to the shopping list, what I’m going to write here. After learning to fully dissociate while also experiencing extreme clitoral stimulation (as with a vibrator), I know how to both feel the pound of the water against me and keep it at a distance — it’s quite possible for me to have a vibrator on my clit for an hour or more and not be any closer to actually coming than when I started, if I don’t really pay attention. I have to focus, as with a kind of meditation, if I want to be in the rise to orgasm.

Did you ever hear that joke with the punch line, ‘Beige. I think I’ll paint the ceiling beige.’ In my memory, it’s a blonde getting fucked who doesn’t know enough to pay attention to what’s happening to her. I went and looked it up — it’s actually a three part joke: what’s the difference between having sex with a prostitute, your mistress, and your wife? The prostitute asks you, “Aren’t you done yet?” Your mistress asks you, “Oh, honey, can’t we do it again?” and your wife says, “Beige — I think I’ll paint the ceiling beige.”

Now, I think I heard that joke back in college. The only bit that persisted for me was the punchline, because it sounded exactly like something I might think during sex — not because I wasn’t interested in the person I was having sex with, not because I wasn’t turned on or didn’t want to be there, but because it was just so easy to float away, and it was hard work having to be so present all the time. Sex, for me, is an active clause — even sex by myself. 

It’s somewhat embarrassing to find myself thinking, “Beige…” when I have my hands on my own clit, and I’ll admit that I start wondering about my own technique, but the truth is that it’s just trauma aftermath, and I give myself a break. 

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

I have two orgasm stories to tell you, related to this business of dissociation & focusing in:

1) This morning, I laughed at myself when I found that I was planning out a blog about dissociation while I was trying to come for that same blog. Just too many layers of recursivity there. So I took a breath, brought my awareness back in to my body, and had that thought about dedicating my orgasm to my wellness, to the wellness of us all. Then, I’ll tell you, I came pretty fast, in spite of my body aches and the fact that it was a bit hard to breathe. I’m still on these exposure/exhibitionism fantasies, which are working.

2) One night at Hedgebrook, I found my head wandering when I was well into masturbating, and getting toward that place in my rise when I’m going to actually pitch over into coming. I kept the vibrator on me, moving it just slightly, while I began to imagine (totally unintentionally) my new apartment (which I hadn’t moved into yet): I could see the cozy living room, darkness from the bedroom and office and hallway; there was a pot of soup simmering on the stove, and the windows were steaming — outside it was dark, stormy, and the sounds of rain pounded all around. I saw my pup, curled up on a pillow in the living room, sleeping and comfortable and relaxed. And then I saw myself, in the bedroom, on top of the covers, masturbating — Outside of the fantasy, in my little double bed in the cabin at Hedgebrook, I had this thought: We’re going to be all right. It’s going to be ok. And then I came hard, crying and laughing at the same time, to an image of myself safe and good in a new life.

That is (yes, here I go, spelling it out), sometimes we can use exactly the skills that were meant to take us away from sex to bring us in, by the back door if need be. We use it all.

Frankly, I consider that latter orgasm to be profound visioning work.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

I’m about to settle into an evening with Law and Order and some soup, hopefully an early-to-bed. Sometimes radical self care looks like an orgasm for the sick girl; sometimes masturbation looks like curling up with a blanket and Emergen-C. I’m grateful for this space, for you there with your eyes, for the space to push into these layers around self-love and longing.

See you tomorrow. Take your vitamins, ok? Come just as you are.

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