Coming Home: Day 13 (and 12!) – mothering our almost

 So, at the wedding of one of my dearest friends in the world ( Kathleen, you’re married!) and staying at the lovely home of friends of hers, and sleeping in a room with no door means, 1) so much joy and celebration and late-night/early-morning talking with the other dear friend I share a bed with one night, and 2) orgasms that look like tears one night and unfinishedness the next morning. Sometimes radical self care means letting myself off the hook when I can’t come/post on the day when my tour top/friend-of-my-heart is preparing to say her vows–and sometimes it means letting the ‘almost there’ live in my body all day, so that my skin is tingling and my fingers shake. (I am so grateful for folks out there who are reading, for your wonderful energy and comments! When I’m back to the land of wifi, I promise to reply!) I got to witness the ceremony, the togethering before community, my beloved friend claiming exactly the love and desire she wants, naming it publicly, taking it onto her hands: that, my friends, is inspiration. (also, there’s no wireless at the place I’m staying–so I’m offering an iPhone post.) I did get to talk a little with the most amazing Diana Cage, who has a new book out called Mind-Blowing Sex: A Woman’s Guide (and around whom I still get a little star-struck and tongue-tied!) — I told her about this blog, about my project to transform my relationship with my orgasm, and she has promised me a long conversation soon! I can’t wait– and will share here, of course, the things she teaches me. (I mean really: a chance to talk sex and orgasm with Diana Cage. Somebody help me down.) So–more soon (my thumbs are getting tired, and I need these thumbs.) Today, you know, in the US, is Mother’s Day. Here’s to all the mothers who claim their whole bodies, their desire and longing and joy and wholeness. Here’s to the ways that those of us who need to can (and do) remother ourselves, offering tenderness to bodies that haven’t always, and certainly not often enough, been tended to with acceptance, kindness, adoration. Here’s to your sweet fingers, your ferocious hunger, the way you deliver yourself do well right into the palms of your own hands. Here’s to a deeper mothering that can say yes. Here’s to owning that yes all the way in our sore and shouting throats. Here’s to your good body. Be easy today, be food to you, and come again tomorrow, ok?