coming home is…

… orgasm, self-love, and healing. Oh my!

coming home is a blatant celebration of the power of masturbation, and, in particular, why getting ourselves off can be a powerful healing practice. Given that May is National Masturbation Month — get you to celebrating! — I’ve tasked myself with a daily blog to accompany/explore my (recently undertaken!) daily orgasm practice.

coming home contains the beginnings of the autobiography of my orgasm, explores how my relationship to coming has changed since I was a teenager, and how the trajectory of my experience of orgasm describes precisely the trajectory of my healing from trauma. My own coming has undergone kind of an upheaval recently, and I want to document that here, want to find language for the ways I am opening and seeking to expand the kinds of orgasms I have (both by myself and with lovers).

coming home is a project of embodiment, of both allowing myself to be more embodied in my writing and finding language for an experience of in-the-body-ness that I, in my twenty years of trauma aftermath, had not believed possible.

coming home is a place to share: stories about our relationship to masturbation, orgasm or other aspect of sexuality; books, movies, blogs or other resources about getting ourselves off and loving/struggling with/loving it; interviews and conversations; and much more.

There’s a lot to do this Nat’l Masturbation Month, May 2012! I hope you’ll stick around and share your thoughts and experiences. The more I talk with others about how and why and when they come, the less isolated/crazy/wrong I feel in my own experience — please comment, follow, and spread the word!

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