your homecoming

How has masturbation and orgasm been a part of your life, your recovery, your healing, your struggle, your sex, your desire, your dissociation and/or your embodiment? How has your relationship with your body/orgasm/self-love changed over time, if it has?

Shame casts so much silence around our understanding of ourselves, around the vastly different ways we get ourselves off and experience orgasm. That silence only serves trauma, given how it isolates us from the realities of one another’s lives, and (thus) from our own possibility. Please share your stories here — We need to hear from one another! The more we learn about the complex, joyous, difficult, stunning realities of one another’s bodies/embodiment/orgasm, the more easily we can come to accept our own.

Post your stories in the comments! How did you come today? When was the first time you masturbated? Do you regularly masturbate, even when you are in relationship with (a) lover(s)? Are you joining me in this orgasm-a-day for National Masturbation Month 2012?

(For now, anonymous comments are welcomed — let’s see how it goes, ok? If we get a lot of spam/trolls,  I may change my mind about that.)

Thank you for your words!

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